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Lucien Gravel for House of Representatives

Belvidere, Hyde Park, Johnson and Wolcott

VT Democrats have had total control of State Government for the past 6 years. In that time of one party rule, we have seen a disastrous $200 million role out of Vermont Health Connect; healthcare spending has grown more than 20% from $4.7 billion to nearly $6 billion with no end in sight. Overall State spending has increased by over $3,000 per year, per household, over that same six year period. Our repeated calls for property tax relief have continued to fall on deaf ears as we see the cost of education continue to grow at the same time our student population continues to decrease. In 2009, our electricity rates were 30% higher than the national average, today they are 40% higher.

While you and I are struggling to pay our bills, the Vermont Democrats are looking to implement yet another tax. Imagine having to pay an extra $14 every time you fill up your vehicle. As crazy and out of touch with reality this may sound, the Democrats have already introduced a bill that would add $0.89 cents per gallon tax on gas and home heating fuels. When will the nonsense end?

This November, Vermonters have a chance to stop this madness. It is time our political leaders in Montpelier focus on the economy and the affordability crisis that is making our great state too expensive for many of us to stay here. It is the economy that should be our single greatest priority, not gun control and not the legalization of marijuana.

Lt. Governor Phil Scott has pledged to make Vermont more affordable. Building a robust economy will allow current employers to remain in Vermont and it will draw new employers to our State. It will put Vermonters to work, wages will rise and tax revenues for government services will increase so we can invest in future of our state.

Phil Scott cannot do this alone, he needs our help. Once again, I am a candidate for the House of Representatives. I, like Phil, believe we need to focus on the economy and grow our revenues through a robust economy and not through continued increases in taxes and fees. If you agree with Phil and I, we would greatly appreciate your vote on November 8th. If you are able to and would like to help support my candidacy with a contribution, please make check payable to Lucien Gravel for House, PO Box 63 Wolcott VT 05680.

Together we can bring more common sense and affordability to Montpelier. Thank you!




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